New site!!!!!!!!!

here it is:


Hi, CPPM (or BO, whichever name you’re going by). This is an active check. Just answer the questions.

  1. What is your penguin name?
  2. Are you active?
  3. Will you continue to be active?

Oh, and remember. Eco34 is making a new site. He will post the link soon.


new name!

Our new name is

BO!  Black Ops

decided on skype yesterday,

the site has not been made yet, i will register it today and work on it, note this does not mean the end of CPPM we just changed our name, i will keep the pages under lock so if we get hacked on the BO site, we can use this as a backup. look for the site to be open the 14th-16th .

We will remain the CPPM for all the battles until then.



Hey guys! I’m Orcaman4, one of the 3ic’s of the CPPM and the creator of the Silver Soldiers. I am one of your  new authors. I will write battle schedules, news, and other stuff I come up with. By the way, go here. We have a schedule for a battle against the Nachos. In this battle, we have the element of surprise. We need all the help we can get.   RF edit: finaaly an active leader…. took long enough eco 



Name Change?


The Clubpenguin Patriot Milita is a long name, to long for most peeps. so should we change our name?




Happy 4th

Happy 4th soilders!

The S.A.A.P

The SAAP  stands for the Small Army Alliance Pact.

we have room for 7 Members.

Each Member will have 1 office

President Office

Communications Office

Tatics Office

Advertisement Office

War Office

Members Office

Defense Office


New Leader

Everyone, (by everyone i mean the 1 or 2 people that come by here everyday)

our new leader


oces bro.

his color will be


Dark green. 

Also rf is getting an account.


Oce is alive!!! (sort of…)

So.. heres the Chat coversation yest. day on Skype.

RF: Damn, we need Oce,

Me: I know.

*call from Oce

Me: hold on.

Me: hello?

Oce: hi

Me: Kenny? (oces bro.)

Oce bro: I can take over Jacks account.

Me: k

Rf: why is kenny here?

Me: he’s are new oce.

RF: so your telling me, that, a, 9,year old wants to lead a army to greatness?

Me: yup.

RF: Wtf.

KNY (kenny): holy crap, i was an general in the ACP for like a week

Me: o.o

RF: holy shit..

Oces babysitter comes and pushes kenny over*

Me: (laughing somehwat) O MAH GOD SHE KILLED KENNY!

RF: you bastard!

VA surrender by the VHS

The va surrendered and died yesterday! by the vhs (not the tape player u dummies.) the VHS is a highly skilled vampire hunting team. so.. now what?